20 May 2010

Arrows. Forever.

Awesome postcards are one of the best reasons to go to museums. Juliana picked this one up from the Kuniyoshi show at the Royal Academy of Arts last year. What can I say, I just really dig arrows...and Japanese people.

Animal Image Search Yo.

You know you want to buy the Grass Quilts/ Face Plant collaboration tape. Get your Paypal on son. Do it. Right now before you forget. We are all busy people.

29 Apr 2010

Six Pack Hustle

The wind and rain are reluctantly submitting to warmer days and long rowdy nights. I think it's safe to say that it's almost kinda sorta springtime in New York. Maybe.
Along with spring comes epic rides to vanquish my fat-ass, while at the same time going on epic benders. Luckily there are events such as the upcoming Six Pack Hustle that bridge this delicate conundrum perfectly. It's being thrown by one of my amigos, Dan Bambi Bonedeth, who was nice enough to let me do this spoke card.I haven't done a spokecard since the HellaDrome benefit crit for stupid drunk Mikey, and that race didn't even really go down. Womp, Womp.

There's a flier in the works by another good friend of mine, Dan Bones (no relation). Dan is a veritable samuri with both a pen and a tattoo gun. To say I am envious of Bones' talent is an understatement. Just look at that shading!Lastly, whilst we're on the subject of race fliers and spokecards, pop over to House of Pistard HQ to see how Xander is procrastinating with the opening of his online shop. His portfolio is mental. Each one is funny as hell, and stylistically independent. It's almost hard to believe that they were all done by the same Glaswegian courier. Especially given his penchant for highly caffeinated fortified wine.
Seriously though Xander, sort it out so I can purchase all my Buckfast memorabilia in your stupid expensive currency.

9 Apr 2010

Grass Quilts & Face Plant!

One of my BFFA (best friends for fucking ages) recently asked me to do a cover for a tape his band, Grass Quilts finally putting out with the band Faceplant. The conversation went something like this:
Grass Quilts: "Yo man, you wanna do a cover for this tape I am putting out"
Me:"Fuck yeah man."
GQ: "AWESOME! I was thinking a wizard smoking a joint with a huge beard with faces in it smoking joints as well. I'm thinking more along the lines of Gandalf instead of Sauron, you know?"
Me: "um, sure. I'll see what I can do."
Here is where I would like to point out that my BFFA dressed up to go see the Lord of the Rings. Keep that tidbit secret, keep it safe.

The song is called We Haunt in Mystic Circles, and as the name suggests, it's some pretty far out shit...man. You can hear all of the nearly 14 minutes of psychedelic awesomeness here on their myspace. Word to the wise, it might take you to distant places...

2 Mar 2010

LDN POLO, this one's for you.

Though I guess there's nothing particularly LDN about this doodle. Whatever.
I miss you guys.

26 Feb 2010

As long as I gaze on Wraterloo sunsets...

As you might have gathered from this blog, I WORK ALL THE TIME. There's rent that needs payin', polo bikes that needs acquirin', and beer that needs drankin'. Above all these obligations though are the tickets that need purchasin' so I can high-tail it back to Ol' Blighty. A man needs goals. This doodle is a reminder that I can't waste all my money on trivial things like killing my liver and eating food.
I guess a part of saving 'dat paper is spending quiet nights at home. Look for a spruced up version of this drawing in the next couple of days. It might even be straight!

14 Feb 2010

Where Pizza Comes First.

If there's one intrinsic good in Brooklyn it's pizza. After riding over the bridges, Pizza is possibly my favorite thing about this dirty ol' town. By what might be best described as divine intervention I have found employment at the recently opened Vinnie's Pizzeria down the way from my house. Seriously, the other day I hung-overly skateboarded there in 1:41 minutes (confirmed by play time on my iPod). When I first moved to LDN I worked in a pub, when I moved to BKN I worked in a Pizza Parlor. Both positions just seem fitting. Maybe these jobs are just a drawn-out version of tourism. Whateverdude, Vinnie's pizza FUGGIN' RULES!

6 Feb 2010

Bicycles (I can't wait till it's warmer in NYC)

It's real cold in NYC. I'm sitting on my ever growing ass dreading my next burrito delivery shift and noticing how it's consistently ten degrees warmer back in London. HTFU I guess...

All prissiness aside, bikes, and people on bikes, have always been a challenge for me to doodle. There's just too many angles, body positions, and perfect circles for me to fuck up. Whilst I'm sequestered by hibernation I figure I'll to face my fears and get better at drawing this activity that I love.
Also, I figure I should learn how to color using photoshop. Yes, that seems like a great way to suck hours from my life.

29 Jan 2010

Jeffery Lewis, you're king of all this shit.

Jeffery Lewis has been in my consciousness for a few years freshly sharing his soul and being awesome at just about everything he does. I've mentioned him briefly before on this blog, but I thought he deserved his own shrine of love or fandom or perverse longing to climb inside of his head and control him like a Malkovich puppet (or vice versa). Call it what you will.

Although I haven't quite found my niche here in NYC, it's comforting to think that Mr. Lewis is perusing the Brooklyn zine shops, sipping expensive espresso, or whatever it is genius artists do here. Maybe this town deserves as many second chances as I can physically give it. His video for 'Williamsburg Will Oldham Horror' makes me wish I took public transportation perchance I should run into him and mirror his experiences and questions with Bonnie "Prince" Billy...without the humping.

The video for 'To be Objectified' had to go up as well to demonstrate both his eloquent lyrics and his amazing illustration. If you take a passing glance you might mistake his repetitive strumming for any other ripped jeans wearing street minstrel, but that would be to cheat yourself of his poetic wordplay. His lyrics are hilarious, contemplative, and aptly eloquent at describing feelings that every person with feelings has from time to time. You know, like how old people are rotting children.

Don't be afraid to poke around his other youtube vids. There's nothing wrong with falling in love.

25 Jan 2010

Stewed Wanker

The other afternoon I was stewing in the bathtub and mulling over the self inflicted damage that I threw down the previous night at the best bar in Brooklyn. As I soaked, I stared into this awesome graphic of a Conestoga Wagon on the side of my favorite mug. The cup is very special for two reasons: 1.) It was a gift from the little lady for my last birthday, 2.) It's got a sippy-cup-esque lip designed to keep the sipper's mustache free of the sipped beverage. It's up there on the list of my prized possessions.While I've definitely looked at the drawing before, it wasn't until that pruned, self loathing moment that I fully took in the detail of the hatch-work. The style kinda reminds me of a few awesome tattoos I've seen lately. It's definitely a form of illustration that I could see myself imitating/ripping off in the future. Wish me luck.

24 Jan 2010

Greetings From BrokeLYN!

There were a few doodle-yer-own postcards from the Tate Modern kickin' around the apartment so I banged this one out.There was quite a bit of photoshop clean up to do because the card smudged like crazy and I hold my pen like a "retarded" left-handed three year old.

13 Jan 2010

Goodies from Fleas...

...and this time I an't talking scabies. Last weekend the little lady took a trip to the famous Flea Markets in Hell's Kitchen. Don't ask me where that is but I'm guessing it's in New York. Sounds fitting. Any-hoo, she picked up these two really awesome ceramic vessels for two of my favorite libations. I can't wait till my current employment situation sorts itself out (see below) so I can afford to fill and empty them and then repeat as needed.

12 Jan 2010

Everyday I'm Hustlin'

Hey everyone, New York City is EXPENSIVE! The price of rent, booze, pens, and whatnot is higher in this lovely city then in my former stereotypically expensive home, LDN. Every time ConEdison or National Grid or Time Warner or my Landlady or my Alcoholism ask me for that Paper I thank my lucky stars that at least there is plentiful employment to be had in this, the Shitty of inexhaustible opportunity.

That last statement was intended to be sarcastic if you couldn't hear it in my voice. Since moving here I've been doing a plethora of random odd jobs to put some pennies in my pocket. After doing a day of construction here, a day of messenger work there, and a few days of Burrito delivery in between, I decided that it was high time to act like the adult my age suggests I be. Hence my new fancy work log (below, duh) with which I will sort my life out and fulfill all my NEW YEARS resolutions.

I used a few new tools to draw this, mainly pencils and a marker and while I'm not ready to throw out all my Pilot G2 05's just yet, it's always nice to experiment.