10 Oct 2009

Berlin: City of Smoke

How much do I the public library? Let me count the ways. 1.IT'S FUCKING FREE! 2. It was brought to the Land of the Free, Home of the Brave (LOTFHOTB) by Ben Franklin, a stellar American. 3. The selection of graphic novels is usually infinite especially if you have the foresight to request an item online. You don't even have to be dressed for that.

On my last excursion I picked up a bevy of beauts including Berlin: City of Smoke by Jason Lutes. The illustrations are simply amazing. His line work and shading of the character's faces are tip top. If you take the time to check out the preview pdf I am sure you will agree, Mr. Lutes is a line wizard. I took the liberty to pinch/blatantly plagiarize a few of his drawings in the hopes that maybe some of his expression expertise would osmosis-ize it's way into my pen. As Mike Schank says 'American Movie' "you can't make up your own ideas..they have to come from somewhere." Above are my attempts.

Along with 'Berlin: City of Smoke' I also picked up The Beats, A Graphic History. The writing is pretty engaging (but when you're writing about the Beat generation it'd be hard not to be) and the illustrations are varied and captivating. I would have to say Jeffery Lewis's drawings were a high point for me. His detailed depiction of the Williamsburg bridge from below made me wish I could do city scapes. Maybe I'll try that osmosis thingy again though I am pretty doubtful of the success.

Dabbling outside the doodle.

This is a rough draft of me trying to piece together one of the worst nights of my life. I don't usually do these kind of linear storyboard doodles but it's something to shoot for. I should probably learn how to pencil the drawings first because there is nothing worse than screwing up some eyes on the last box (sure you can spot a couple of examples here).

Let me reiterate, this is a rough draft. If I ever get around to producing something more solid you will be the first to see it.

Quick, before I loose my scaner access.

Don't get me wrong, I love my Pilot G2 0.05, but I always keep a Bic Round Stic med (above) in the stable for a rainy day.

1 Oct 2009


You wanna know what's a good time? International messenger events. Last summer's European Cycle Messenger Championships in Berlin was no exception. I even broke my collarbone and still had a rip roaring raucous long weekend.

As you might have guessed I ended up in Accident and Emergency, waking up with little recollection of what had happened or where my bike, campsite, or mind was. The thoughly amazing Berlin A&E doctors wanted to open me up and put some snazzy new BMW screws and plates in but I was bit opposed to the prospect of spending a week in a German speaking hospital. I contacted a family doctor friend back in the states who advised me against any of that crazy cut-'em-up shit. He gave me a 75-85% chance that it'd sort itself out . Being a man of chances I took his prognosis to hear. Now a little over three months later I am feeling fine and dandy. Full motion. No Pain. Sexy bump. I got it all. Look how excited I am!
Anyways, I made this card as a token of my appreciation for his advice, especially since it was a Saturday and Doctors, much like bike messengers, don't like working on the weekend, especially for free.

17 Sep 2009

Pardon My Sexy American Ignorance

I found this little gem at the House Of Wisconsin Cheese on State Street in Madison. I really wish I would have taken the opportunity when I was on the other side of the Atlantic to go to Athens to see that famous tower thingy.
Alas. Next time.

11 Sep 2009

119 Shacklewell's infamous rat infestation.

Sober is probably not the most accurate adjective to describe my state whilst doodling this one. I think that's pretty apparent.

Let the record clearly state tha both of these sassy rats were indiscriminately served by the claw hammer of death. They were right about the Bike Polo mallet though, it was messy and inept.

8 Sep 2009

Finally I have a scanner!

If you are ever lucky enough to find yourself in Finland treat yourself to KARU! It's percole motova.

This isn't what the Big Bopper looks like. This isn't what his (former) boat looks like. HOWEVER, this is kinda like what sexy English freedom looks like.
If you haven't seen The Forest City Rockers yet sort your life out, man.