26 Feb 2010

As long as I gaze on Wraterloo sunsets...

As you might have gathered from this blog, I WORK ALL THE TIME. There's rent that needs payin', polo bikes that needs acquirin', and beer that needs drankin'. Above all these obligations though are the tickets that need purchasin' so I can high-tail it back to Ol' Blighty. A man needs goals. This doodle is a reminder that I can't waste all my money on trivial things like killing my liver and eating food.
I guess a part of saving 'dat paper is spending quiet nights at home. Look for a spruced up version of this drawing in the next couple of days. It might even be straight!

14 Feb 2010

Where Pizza Comes First.

If there's one intrinsic good in Brooklyn it's pizza. After riding over the bridges, Pizza is possibly my favorite thing about this dirty ol' town. By what might be best described as divine intervention I have found employment at the recently opened Vinnie's Pizzeria down the way from my house. Seriously, the other day I hung-overly skateboarded there in 1:41 minutes (confirmed by play time on my iPod). When I first moved to LDN I worked in a pub, when I moved to BKN I worked in a Pizza Parlor. Both positions just seem fitting. Maybe these jobs are just a drawn-out version of tourism. Whateverdude, Vinnie's pizza FUGGIN' RULES!

6 Feb 2010

Bicycles (I can't wait till it's warmer in NYC)

It's real cold in NYC. I'm sitting on my ever growing ass dreading my next burrito delivery shift and noticing how it's consistently ten degrees warmer back in London. HTFU I guess...

All prissiness aside, bikes, and people on bikes, have always been a challenge for me to doodle. There's just too many angles, body positions, and perfect circles for me to fuck up. Whilst I'm sequestered by hibernation I figure I'll to face my fears and get better at drawing this activity that I love.
Also, I figure I should learn how to color using photoshop. Yes, that seems like a great way to suck hours from my life.