29 Apr 2010

Six Pack Hustle

The wind and rain are reluctantly submitting to warmer days and long rowdy nights. I think it's safe to say that it's almost kinda sorta springtime in New York. Maybe.
Along with spring comes epic rides to vanquish my fat-ass, while at the same time going on epic benders. Luckily there are events such as the upcoming Six Pack Hustle that bridge this delicate conundrum perfectly. It's being thrown by one of my amigos, Dan Bambi Bonedeth, who was nice enough to let me do this spoke card.I haven't done a spokecard since the HellaDrome benefit crit for stupid drunk Mikey, and that race didn't even really go down. Womp, Womp.

There's a flier in the works by another good friend of mine, Dan Bones (no relation). Dan is a veritable samuri with both a pen and a tattoo gun. To say I am envious of Bones' talent is an understatement. Just look at that shading!Lastly, whilst we're on the subject of race fliers and spokecards, pop over to House of Pistard HQ to see how Xander is procrastinating with the opening of his online shop. His portfolio is mental. Each one is funny as hell, and stylistically independent. It's almost hard to believe that they were all done by the same Glaswegian courier. Especially given his penchant for highly caffeinated fortified wine.
Seriously though Xander, sort it out so I can purchase all my Buckfast memorabilia in your stupid expensive currency.

9 Apr 2010

Grass Quilts & Face Plant!

One of my BFFA (best friends for fucking ages) recently asked me to do a cover for a tape his band, Grass Quilts finally putting out with the band Faceplant. The conversation went something like this:
Grass Quilts: "Yo man, you wanna do a cover for this tape I am putting out"
Me:"Fuck yeah man."
GQ: "AWESOME! I was thinking a wizard smoking a joint with a huge beard with faces in it smoking joints as well. I'm thinking more along the lines of Gandalf instead of Sauron, you know?"
Me: "um, sure. I'll see what I can do."
Here is where I would like to point out that my BFFA dressed up to go see the Lord of the Rings. Keep that tidbit secret, keep it safe.

The song is called We Haunt in Mystic Circles, and as the name suggests, it's some pretty far out shit...man. You can hear all of the nearly 14 minutes of psychedelic awesomeness here on their myspace. Word to the wise, it might take you to distant places...