17 Sep 2009

Pardon My Sexy American Ignorance

I found this little gem at the House Of Wisconsin Cheese on State Street in Madison. I really wish I would have taken the opportunity when I was on the other side of the Atlantic to go to Athens to see that famous tower thingy.
Alas. Next time.

11 Sep 2009

119 Shacklewell's infamous rat infestation.

Sober is probably not the most accurate adjective to describe my state whilst doodling this one. I think that's pretty apparent.

Let the record clearly state tha both of these sassy rats were indiscriminately served by the claw hammer of death. They were right about the Bike Polo mallet though, it was messy and inept.

8 Sep 2009

Finally I have a scanner!

If you are ever lucky enough to find yourself in Finland treat yourself to KARU! It's percole motova.

This isn't what the Big Bopper looks like. This isn't what his (former) boat looks like. HOWEVER, this is kinda like what sexy English freedom looks like.
If you haven't seen The Forest City Rockers yet sort your life out, man.