23 Oct 2011

Oh those bike couriers...

Spoke-card for a race to make money for drunken past transgressions. I love London.

9 Sep 2011

Worst Wordbotching word yet: Canteloupe

I just figured that if I gotta draw something about a stupid word, why not make it stupid.

6 Jul 2011


You know what rules? Friends! Drawing Prompts!
I've started doodling with some friends over at WordBotching and it's an ink draining good time.

Basically we all made lists of 50 words or phrases. Every week we pick one out of a bowl and draw a comic pertaining to the topic.
Here's an example my friend Mandy did for "Subway Platform":
Here's one I did for "Mittens":
So psyched to be doodling with such amazing company!

18 Mar 2011

I did this flier for my friend's band The Vapid.

Check them out @ http://thevapid.bandcamp.com/ and go to the show!